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Your application does not pertain to modification of the lease or an indemnity for re-renting and damages.


Address of dwelling in question: Enter the full address of the dwelling concerned by your application.

Description of parties

Lessee: Person that rents the dwelling in question.
Lessor: Person who signs the lease in the capacity of lessor.

For more information, please refer to the information section Legal Designation of Lessors and Lessees.

Object of the application

Explain the goal of your application. For instance:

  • Order the lessor to give access to the dwelling to the lessee.
  • Condemn the lessor to pay to the lessee the sum of $x, for damages.

Grounds of the application

Explain briefly the facts and the reasons for which you are filing the application: they are the arguments that you wish to submit to the Tribunal at the hearing.

So, if at object of the application, we read “Order the lessor to give access to the dwelling”, the grounds of the application could be “because the lessor has illegally changed the lock that gives access to the dwelling”.

Costs exigible: To file such an application at the Tribunal administratif du logement, the costs exigible vary according to the nature of the application. To know more about these costs, please refer to the section Costs Exigible.

PLEASE NOTE: The application cannot be served upon the other party before being filed (stamped) at the Tribunal administratif du logement.