Filing an application

Costs exigible

Starting November 1, 2022

Application to modify the lease:

  • for fixing of the rent
  • for modification to the lease


  • concerning a revision or reduction of the rent
  • to contest the adjustment or
    the re-establishment of the rent
  • for the revision of a decision of the Tribunal
  • which includes a diminishing of the rent

If the rent is $350 or less:



If the rent is more than $350

but not more than $600:



If the rent is more than $600:


Reinstatement on the roll
(a case struck off the roll)

Motion to reopen a hearing
(to be completed on the "Application" form)




Application regarding unpaid rent

Application relating to abandonment

(for applications other than the preceding ones)




Every applicant must pay the fees charged to submit proceedings to the Tribunal administratif du logement.


A person who receives financial support under a last resort financial assistance program is exempt from paying costs. For more information on that topic, please get in touch with one of our employees.

To file an application in person: you can settle the costs by providing a cashier's check or a money order (Canada Post) or bank order to the name of ministre des Finances du Québec and you can also use cash. You can also settle the costs by debit card.

To file an application by mail: you can settle the costs by providing a cashier's check or a money order (Canada Post) or bank order to the name of ministre des Finances du Québec.

The Tribunal reimburses the fees in the following cases:

  • an application for correction of a decision;
  • an application for revocation of a Tribunal decision solely because the decision omitted to adjudicate upon part of the application or decided beyond the application (the second paragraph of article 89 of the Act respecting the Administrative Housing Tribunal (RLRQ, c. T-15.01);
  • upon Tribunal recommendation.

Reimbursement of notification costs

The Tribunal administratif du logement may order the defendant to refund all or part of the costs paid by the plaintiff to open a file and of the costs of notification of the application according to the following tariff:

  1. The costs incurred by the plaintiff to notify a proceeding on each party up to a maximum of:
    • $9,75* for notification by registered mail;
    • $23,00* for notification by bailiff (service for each person served);
    • $7,00 for any other method of notification.
  2. When another notification is required, the repayment of the following costs may be ordered in addition to those in point 1:
    • $23,00 (for each person served) + transportation fees by kilometre.
  3. When a special method of notification is authorized by the Tribunal, the repayment of the costs incurred may be ordered in addition to those in point 1, up to a maximum of $100.

The repayment of costs must be requested in order to be ordered and the plaintiff must prove its merits at the hearing through the submission of supporting documents.

NOTE: Costs of 3.8% are payable and collected by the Tribunal when the rent is deposited. That amount is deducted from the rent deposited at the Tribunal’s office. The costs are to be paid by the lessor.

* Since these costs are subject to modification, refer to a bailiff or Canada Post for the costs applicable at the time of notification..

1. However, for an “Application for authorization to convert a building to a divided co-ownership”, the costs exigible are of $210 per dwelling.