Termination of a lease

Inability to occupy the dwelling because of a handicap

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A lessee may resiliate the current lease if he or she can no longer occupy the dwelling because of a handicap.

The resiliation takes effect two months after a notice is sent to the lessor when the lease is for 12 months or more or one month after the notice is sent if the lease is for an indeterminate term or a term of less than 12 months. However, the resiliation takes effect before the two-month or one-month period expires if the parties so agree or when the dwelling, having been vacated by the lessee, is re-leased by the lessor during that same period.

The notice must be sent with an acknowledgement from the authority concerned.

If part of the rent covers the cost of services of a personal nature provided to the lessee, the lessee is only required to pay that part of the rent that relates to the services which were provided before he or she vacated the dwelling. The same applies to the cost of such services if they are provided by the lessor under a contract separate from the lease.