Conciliation between lessor and lessee

Conciliation process

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A conciliation session may take place in person at a Tribunal office or remotely, by phone or videoconference. It can only take place if all parties agree to participate, and any party can withdraw from the process at any time. The role of the conciliator is to be fair and impartial and to help the parties resolve their dispute.

Only those party to the case and their representatives (if any) are present at a session. However, you can be accompanied by another person if their presence is deemed to be helpful for setting the dispute.

A conciliation session is not an opportunity to provide evidence or call witnesses. The sole objective is to negotiate an agreement that satisfies all parties concerned.

A conciliation session is strictly confidential. Nothing that is said or written during a conciliation session may be used as evidence against you before the tribunal. This confidentiality gives all parties space to negotiate freely and explore possible solutions.

What happens after a conciliation session?

If the parties come to an agreement, that agreement is put into writing and signed by the conciliator, the parties and their representatives (if any).

The parties can choose to keep their agreement confidential or ask that it be confirmed by the Tribunal. Once an agreement has been confirmed, the dispute is ended. It is then public and binding, just like a decision by the Tribunal.

If the parties do not come to an agreement, the application will run its course and a hearing will be held. The conciliation process does not affect the timeline for scheduling a hearing.

How to request conciliation?

You can contact the Service de conciliation of the Tribunal administratif du logement here:


Service de conciliation
Tribunal administratif du logement
5199, rue Sherbrooke Est
Bureau 2360
Montréal (Québec) H1T 3X1



Montréal, Laval and Longueuil: 514 864-9242
Elsewhere: 1 866 330-5467
Fax : 514 873-6805