Being a lessor

Rights and obligations of the lessor

Main obligations of the lessor when the leased property is delivered to the lessee:

  • On the agreed date, the lessor must deliver the leased property in a good state of repair, habitable condition and clean condition (art. 1854, 1st paragraph, art. 1910 and art. 1911 of C.C.Q.)

Main obligations of the lessor during the lease:

  • To give a peaceful enjoyment of the leased property
    (art. 1851, art. 1854, 1st paragraph and art. 1859 of C.C.Q.)
    Take a look at section Noise
  • To maintain the dwelling in good habitable condition (art. 1910 of C.C.Q.)
  • To warrant that the property be used for the purpose for which it was leased and to maintain the property for that purpose throughout the term of the lease (art. 1854, 2nd paragraph of C.C.Q.)
  • To make all the necessary repairs, except those that are assumed by the lessee (art. 1864 of C.C.Q.)
    Take a look at sections Urgent and necessary repairs and Major works
  • To respect the laws pertaining to the safety, sanitation, maintenance and habitability of the dwelling or the building (art. 1912, 1st and 2nd paragraphs, of C.C.Q.)
  • To make sure that the number of occupants respect the normal conditions of comfort and sanitation
    (art. 1920 of C.C.Q.)
  • Not to change the form or destination of the dwelling (art. 1856 of C.C.Q.)