Forms and Notices


Using Firefox to open and complete a form or notice is not recommended, as the content may not display properly.

Those forms are used to exercise a recourse at the Tribunal administratif du logement and they are in PDF format. They can be downloaded and even printed with the Acrobat Reader application from Adobe that you can obtain free of charge from that company's website. If you have already installed that application on your computer, simply click on the form of your choice.

We present these forms so that you may become familiar with their content.

However, if you wish to complete one of these forms, please note that there are conditions and procedures to respect concerning the exercise of a recourse at the Tribunal administratif du logement.

If you are not familiar with the use of these forms, may we advise you to present yourself at one of our offices where an employee will give you information and assist you in completing it, if you wish. This point is important if you want to be well informed about all the aspects of the law and also to exercise the correct recourse, if need be.

Once the form is completed and signed (do not enter anything in the shaded areas), you may remit it to an employee at one of our offices who will verify it and receive the costs exigible. However, if you wish to send us the signed form by mail, be sure to include the costs exigible.