Conciliation between lessor and lessee

The Tribunal administratif du logement has a conciliation service. This is a simple, fast, voluntary and confidential service that allows you to meet with the other party with a conciliator present, so you can try to find a solution to your dispute.

To be eligible for a conciliation session, you must have filed an application with the Tribunal.

Why choose conciliation?

The main advantage of conciliation is that the solution to the dispute is something the parties agree on, rather than a decision imposed by the Tribunal. If the parties can come to an agreement, the hearing is no longer needed.

With conciliation, you can:

  • Find a solution that fits the needs and interests of all parties
  • Avoid the cost and stress of a trial
  • Find a solution fast
  • Resolve all aspects of the conflict – not just the legal ones
  • Facilitate communication between the parties
  • Improve the long term relationship between lessor and lessee

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