Access to information

Inventory of personal information files

The personal information collected by the Tribunal in the activities within its jurisdiction, i.e. when it acts as a tribunal, is public, just as the information of other tribunals is.

However, the Tribunal administratif du logement, in its relations with its various clienteles, holds personal information files within the meaning of article 76 of the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information.

The Tribunal also holds, in its database for the exercise of its duty as a tribunal, personal information files regarding exemptions from, or refunds of, legal costs collected when applications are filed. That information is collected and held solely for budgetary oversight, particularly for financial auditing by the Auditor General.

The Tribunal also holds data files for the purpose of general correspondence with members of the public who deal with it, in particular, under the Programme d'Amélioration Permanente du Service à la Clientèle (PAPSAC, the program to permanently improve customer service).