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July 1 - Moving Day

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Tuesday, 6 June, 2017

In Québec, most housing leases end on June 30, with the result that many people move then each year. The Régie du logement reminds the public that a new lessee’s right to occupy the premises begins on the first day of the lease.

The former lessee has no “grace period” to vacate the premises and remove his or her belongings from the dwelling.

The former lessee has an obligation to hand over the dwelling in the condition in which he or she received it.

Circumstances may arise that mean the old lessee’s move is not complete before the arrival of the new occupant. In that case, the old lessee must give the new lessee access to the dwelling. It is recommended to vacate one room or several rooms if possible, so that the new lessee can put his or her belongings there.

The lessor has the obligation to deliver the dwelling in good condition on the date agreed upon and should therefore check the state of the premises after the departure of the former lessees. He would be wise to establish the terms and conditions for the move by consulting with both the new and the old lessee. The Régie du logement invites all those involved to be courteous and civic-minded, and exercise their rights in a reasonable manner.

To obtain additional information, see the website of the Régie du logement at The Régie du logement can also be reached by telephone at the following numbers:

Montréal, Laval and Longueuil

514 873-BAIL (2245)


1 800 683-BAIL (2245)

The Régie du logement is the tribunal with exclusive jurisdiction over rental housing in Québec.