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Entry into force of the new lease forms

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Friday, 20 February, 2015

This is as of February 24, 2015, comes into force the regulation amending the Regulation respecting mandatory lease forms and the particulars of a notice to a new lessee. As of that date, lessors will no longer be allowed to use the current forms and it will be mandatory for them to use the new leases for all new lessees.

The main purpose of the amendments integrated into the new forms is to ensure that they comply with the new legislative provisions in force over the last few years and to suitably inform lessees and lessors of their new rights and obligations.

The draft regulation also provided an opportunity to modify the form and content of the forms to make them more user-friendly. Their graphic presentation was improved to facilitate comprehension and ease of use.

The main amendments include:

  • the reduction of the lease resiliation notice period from three to two months for one of the reasons provided for by law, particularly in the case of violence, death, or a senior admitted to a private seniors’ residence or a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD), and the right of the lessee or the lessee’s succession to pay only for the services of a personal nature provided to the lessee or a child, where applicable, before resiliation of the lease;

  • the list, description and cost of the services provided by the lessor to seniors who live in a private seniors’ residence, particularly those required by their state of health (Schedule 6);

  • end of the separate distribution of Schedule 6 (obligation to purchase the lease of a dwelling that includes Schedule 6);

  • changes to the notice to a new lessee, mainly by adding a reference to the services of a personal nature or the personal assistance services provided to the lessee;

  • addition of two model notices:

    • Notice of Rent Increase and Modification of Another Condition of the Lease;

    • Tenant’s Reply to a Notice of Rent Increase and Modification of Another Condition of the Lease;
  • the possibility for a lessee to resiliate the lease in cases of sexual aggression or violence;

  • additional details to protect the rights of spouses in a civil union.

Validity of current leases

As of February 24, 2015, it will no longer be possible to use the former forms. However, those already signed will continue to be valid until their non-renewal, although it is recommended that you sign a new lease. No refunds will be given for unused forms.

Availability of the new leases

The new mandatory lease forms will be available as of February 24, 2015, at the 26 offices of the Régie du logement and the various sales outlets of Les Publications du Québec. The selling price of the forms is still $1.99.

For any additional information, consult the Régie du logement’s website or call us:

Montréal, Laval and Longueuil

514 873-BAIL (2245)


1 800 683-BAIL (2245)

The Régie du logement is the tribunal with exclusive jurisdiction over rental housing in Québec.