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To the residential Rental Property Owners

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Friday, 11 December, 2015

The RL-31.CS slip (available in French only) must be completed by rental property owners that leased a dwelling for which rent was paid or payable on December 31.

The RL-31.CS slip must be given to the tenants or subtenants, whereas the RL-31 slip must be filed with Revenu Québec.

Tenants or subtenants must enter certain information included in the RL-31.CS slip on their Income Tax Return (TP-1-V) to claim the solidarity tax credit.

You can file RL-31 slips starting January 5, 2016, using either the Prepare the RL-31 Slip online service or software authorized for filing RL-31 slips.

To obtain all the information required to produce a RL-31 Slip, including dwellings for which a RL-31 Slip must be filed, consult the Guide to Filing the RL-31 Slip: Information About a Leased Dwelling, available on the Revenu Québec website.